I'm Amy Valentine

I'm here to stir your heart & awaken your mind.

Prior to life coaching, I worked as a realtor, gift shop owner and a restaurant co-owner. I learned mostly by trial and error how to manage a business but I always felt I had a deeper calling inside of me. As an entrepreneur, I prided myself on being decisive. However, I found myself feeling dissatisfied and confused about what was next.

Life Coach Amy Valentine

No matter what I tried to do, nothing seemed to help me gain the clarity I was searching for.


When I was working in real estate I hired a life coach to help me with my business. I was completely surprised by how supported I felt. My coach gave me tools and techniques, along with the knowledge I needed to empower me to listen to my heart and get out of my head. I realized it wasn't business advice or guidance that I needed. I wanted to dive deeper into personal transformation and was getting more and more curious about "the bigger picture" in life.

My coach helped me to uncover that a major life event was an important catalyst to find my true soul calling. In 2008, a dear friend and co-worker committed suicide and I was devastated. I had just seen him a few days earlier and the last words he spoke haunted me for years…”Hey AV, if you ever need to talk, I’m here.” What he really was saying is that he needed to talk and I missed all the signs. 


Everything I thought I knew just vanished. I felt lost and confused about life. 


I had a new desire to find what truly made me happy. So, I soon realized that real estate was not for me. What I really wanted was to help others find their way, as I was too, and learn to listen more clearly to a deeper calling so that depression, anxiety and lack can take a back seat. I began to understand that life is rich if you know where to look and it's so magical when you listen to your heart.


So I stepped out of my comfort zone and enrolled in an accredited coach training school. After more than 360 hours of training, I became a certified life coach. My coach encouraged me onto that path and now I love helping others find their way to a more satisfying life that they are truly engaged in.


I believe in you

Now, I support those interested in connecting to a higher truth and discover what truly feels good to you. My unique commitment is honoring the viewpoint that my clients already possess an inner knowing and I am simply the facilitator that helps to uncover higher awareness to fulfill a more engaged and focused life. For me, life coaching is my highest expression of purpose. 

I am simply the facilitator to help you become aware of what you already possess inside.  

I never want anyone to ever feel so adrift that they feel like their only option is to exit this life so abruptly. This is my big why. I love coaching because it gave me the tools to help me see new possibilities, new solutions and new versions of myself that I never allowed myself to see. 

I partner with people who are ready to refocus their personal and professional lives from the inside-out. Life coaching will help you break down self-imposed limits, so that you can uncover the best and most powerful version of you. 

By asking powerful questions, I help people tune into what’s really going on behind the scenes of their life and connect more directly with they truly care about. When we understand what we care about, we can create our life on purpose instead of listening to what we feel we should be doing. There’s really no reason to run from a life that you have the power to create. That is the essence of my coaching practice - guiding people in building a life that truly feels amazing. 


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5 Affirmations to Manifest Desires

We get what we think about, whether we want it or not.  In other words, we invite things into our personal experience by what our mind is focused on. Unfortunately, most people are trained to focus on lack.  Affirmations are the opposite, and are intended to focus on having.


Daily affirmations are a powerful way to refocus energy and create new pathways towards feeling better, finding more joy and getting more of what we want.