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Food for the Soul

Updated: May 9, 2023

This lockdown has us all staying inside and for me, it’s also forcing me to go within more intently. It is an interesting paradox. On one hand we are all restricted physically because we’re limited in who we can see and where we can go. On the other hand, there is more opportunity than ever to go inward, to live more in the moment and honor what I intuitively know in my heart. Because I am not busy with my normal routine, I’ve found a greater appreciation for life, a kind of opening into doing more of what I want to do, and the result has been a rediscovery of what makes me passionate. Growing up in an Italian family, I have always loved to cook, to eat and to entertain. Eating was a social experience rather than a means to an end like it so often is today. It reminds me of the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” when the Italians say to Liz, “you feel guilty because you are American. You don’t know how to enjoy yourself! You know entertainment but you don’t know pleasure.” Wow. So true. I have a renewed sense of passion ignited by my love of cooking and it all ties into what I teach in my coaching gig. That we are here to express our personal bliss and do more of what brings us joy. Learning from the past and moving forward to a bigger and better you instead of staying stuck in the comfort zone of what always has been.

If we all spent more time asking ourselves what brings us joy, we would be inspired by more creative ideas.

If we just leaned a little more in the direction of what feels good, we could be happier and lighter and share that bliss with the world. When we learn to remember to love ourselves by taking care of our physical, mental, and spiritual health we own our worth. How do we genuinely love ourselves? By believing in an unseen new version of yourself. By doing more of what makes you feel good. By giving yourself permission to be more than you have known. By allowing connection to the childlike part of you that intrinsically knows its value. The more we act on this heart-centered worth the more doors open, fears begin to fade into the background, and we get to know ourselves in a new way. Stop and think are your thoughts and feelings supporting a life you are wanting? If they’re not, then realize you can shift into a new mindset with some practice and create a new momentum by redirecting your mind. For anyone that is craving inspiration, for anyone that is bored or feeling overwhelmed and needs some soothing...I will soon be sharing my passion for food with recipes and tips I have learned along the way. In the hopes that you too will find what sparks that inner light that just may be hiding in the dark.

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