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You Hold the Key

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

A good friend gave me a necklace for Christmas this year and said when she saw it, she thought of me. It’s a key medallion with the word “dream” etched onto it. I woke up this morning and that necklace was staring at me. Talking to me. We all hold the key to our dreams because we have the innate power to focus. We can focus on what we want or focus on the absence of it. And this is how we are the creators of our lives. One thing I’ve learned through coaching is at the basis of everything we say we want is because we think it’ll make us happier, more fulfilled. So, if we want that new red car (desire) but feel like we can’t have the red car (doubt) we create an internal struggle that only leads to unhappiness and dissatisfaction. We blame our feelings on outside circumstances or events but, what if we are the culprit? What if we hold the key to our own happiness or lack thereof?

What we focus on expands and really, most of us don’t even know what we’re focused on because it’s so habitual. Our focus is typically based in beliefs and programs that just play in the background of our mind and they feel so real because it’s all we have known. And since it’s all we’ve known, it feels comfortable. Some of those beliefs serve us and some no longer do. The moment you dream up something different, or new or exciting all those fears from the automatic programs in our mind get charged. They come to the surface. What if they are surfacing to stare them in the face and question the validity of them? Is this true? Or did I make it true by believing in it? And because I believe it, I see evidence of it and don’t challenge it. And, really, do I want it to be true? Or do I just think it’s true because it’s what I’ve known from past experiences?


If we want to create better, happier, more fun lives we must own the concept that we alone hold the key to our dreams, and we are 100% responsible for believing in the dream or squelching the dream if it scares the hell out of us. If you question the validity of every thought or feeling you begin to realize that most of what you believe you are capable of is so limiting. It was programmed into us by our childhoods, by society, by listening to the noise of the outside world. When you dare to delve just below the surface of those limiting thoughts, you’ll see that they are motivated by fear. The fear just keeps you in the loop of worry, doubt, anxiety etc. The key to become a believer in your dreams is to challenge the fear-based beliefs. And, if you don’t, you will never be satisfied or happy.

I don’t really like New Year’s Resolutions but if I were to summarize what my 2020 will be about it would be that I and only I hold the key to my happiness. It’s a choice to believe in my dreams even when I have no idea how or when they may arise. It feels way more empowering to believe that I get to create the life I desire and by questioning any limits to that seems like a good place to start. Let go of the idea that life must be difficult or hard. Let go of the idea that you should play it safe. Being too cautious is just as damaging as being too reckless.


Believe that you are worthy of all your desires. Let them surface even if you see no clear path. Just believe in the possibility of feeling worthy of ANYTHING no matter how crazy it seems. Because, really, it only feels crazy because you never experienced it before! Don’t let the past run your future. Learn from it. Allow the new dreams to rise and believe that even if you can’t see the HOW that because the dream came to you, it is possible. Intrinsic in that dream is a path to it. Your dreams are yours for a reason. If you really want to start believing in them, you must make what’s been comfortable uncomfortable and what’s been uncomfortable comfortable. This year taught me that big-time and I am here to tell you it’s the only way forward. So, just start expecting your dreams to be real. You have the key. If you have the key, then it must be up to you to open the door to what’s already done. If it’s already done, it’s yours. So, relax and have more fun while you witness the unfolding of all your dreams coming true.


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