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Work with me

I ask. I listen.

Do you feel that there is more to life than meets the eye, but you need support getting there? Are you experiencing dissatisfaction in some areas in life and want to feel more connected to a deeper meaning and purpose?


The solution is to go within and have a better understanding of the source of why you don't have what you say you want. It’s always about underlying beliefs, values, perspectives and assumptions. Usually, people can see other people's “stuff” but are blind to their own.


The answer is always to go within because everything that we create on the outside is a reflection of our thoughts/beliefs that we hold on the inside. So, awareness is the key to understanding how to move forward. 

How I help

I get to the what/why you don’t have what you want.  My brand of coaching is based on the concept that everyone can be, do or have whatever they desire. It’s about learning ways to move forward little by little in order to create a new story of what’s possible.

My coaching is for people that want to take a deeper look into themselves so that they feel empowered to take charge of steering their life in all areas. To find more meaning, fun, purpose, joy... to feel better.

Free initial session

I offer a free 45-minute phone call. I will ask you what you feel is the biggest issue you are currently facing and if they are ready to find a solution. And ask, what do you most crave right now? I ask, I listen and we connect on ways I may be able to help you.

After your free session

You will know if we are a good match.  You will understand what coaching is and how it differs from counseling/therapy. You will know what to expect from our sessions and have a good sense of what the experience of coaching can do to enhance your life.

Click the button below to schedule your free session.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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“Amy has an uncanny knack for zeroing in on the truth and bringing it to your awareness. You may wonder, ‘Where is she going with this?’ But, unfailingly, she is right on target.”

- Heather W.

“I have known Amy for 4 years and would describe her as someone that was born to coach. Amy innate ability plus the skills that she has developed to become a certified coach provides an experience of transformation. Amy's able to take that ‘script in your head’ run it through the shredder and produce a new, better and different script that will move you ahead to living a better life.”

- Bill L.

“I came to Amy for coaching because I was feeling lost spiritually and I was looking for clarity and purpose in my life. At the beginning of our encounter, all I could see was clutter, everything felt disorganized and chaotic- my house was a mess, I was feeling stuck in my career and in my relationships. Within a few sessions, Amy’s coaching helped me realize that my purpose is teaching, sharing my knowledge, and helping others live up to their potential. This is something I think I always knew, but Amy has a keen sense and knack for pulling out the truth from within. Now, after six months of coaching with Amy, we mostly talk about all the incredibly wonderful things that have been happening in my life. More opportunities are appearing in my career, my relationship with my husband is constantly improving, and I finally feel like I am on the right track. Since working with Amy, I feel more present, more worthy, and more capable of creating my reality and accomplishing my dreams.”

- Estelle W.

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