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Hold On, It's Coming

Hold on, I’m coming…

This is what your desires are saying to you. Unfortunately, we often don’t hear that. What we do is hear the voice that counters our desires. You know that voice, the one that tells you that you aren’t deserving. What’s up with that?

Well, to me it’s all just a big fear program. A facade that feels so real, we don’t even realize we’re living that way. We’re programmed to think that it’s normal to not get what we want. That it’s normal to settle for what you think you can have. But, I’m here to challenge that way of thinking. If we take a peek below the surface of life we can gain a ton of knowledge. But, we have to be willing to seek the truth, to challenge our perceptions, to know ourselves in a new way. Invite yourself to dive into the waters of your soul and learn to listen to what it’s telling you. Then, “the grand facade will so soon burn” as Peter Gabriel so beautifully said.

When you have the feeling that something is off, trust it. When you have that feeling, go within and ask yourself, what is this about? Be open and willing to hear the answer. The only thing that blocks the answer is our own doubt. When you ask a question, the solution is immediately born. In order to hear it, we must understand the process of creation. That desire is born out of wanting more than we have. That desire is Infinite Intelligence wanting to speak through us. That we are meant to manifest our desires. We are meant to live and expand and grow and allow our desires to have a voice.

So often we feel like we’re not ready. A desire is brewing inside of us and instead of getting ready for it to manifest, we often squelch the process by doubting its potential. We resist our own expansion. We fight with our own desires. We over-think, over-analyze leaving us in a loop of starts and stops, and make little headway toward our own bliss. We believe the limitations instead of the possibility. We attach to old worn-out beliefs instead of challenging their validity. We cling to the past instead of listening to the whispers of our soul.

When you have the feeling that something is off, trust it.

If you just pause and ask yourself, what do I want? Why do I want it? The answer will always be the same…you want what you want because you think it will make you feel better. Everything we want really is that way. So why not get ready for all your desires by feeling good about them now? By feeling thankful that everything that I want is meant for me. That what I want, also wants me. So, if you're ready to expand your life, learn to let go of the fears, doubts, and worries and cultivate an attitude of readiness. Cultivate an attitude that opens the door to your desires instead of slamming it shut with doubt.

Get ready for everything you want by letting yourself have what you want inside your mind. By looking forward to it unfolding. By believing in the possibility. By feeling thankful for everything up to this point. Let the drama go. Let the fear go. Getting ready just means getting into harmony with your new desire. Getting ready means letting go of lackluster ideas and expired attitudes because after all, everything has an expiration date! So hold on, it’s coming…you get to be, to do, and to have everything that means something to you. Believe in the possibility, without needing to see evidence. Let the first evidence be a feeling of expectation. Let the feeling well up inside of you until it feels real. And remember, as within, so without.

And, hold on…it is coming.


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