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5 Steps to a Happy Life

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Happiness is a state of being that many of us are searching for. The good news is it's in our control, and there are steps we can take to achieve a higher level of happiness and joy in our lives. The late teacher, Neville Goddard, had a great take on cultivating happiness. He said, “Make your future dream a present fact.” So, how do we actually do it?

I listened to a recent podcast that may help to answer that question. The podcast guest was Darryl Anka, also known as Bashar. He outlined 5 steps to self-mastery intended to cultivate everyday happiness. The following steps are based on his work.

1) Follow your Excitement

When we do more of what we love, our natural state of happiness rises. We often get weighed down by what we think we should do and forget to ask ourselves, what would I enjoy doing instead? This attitude creates a ripple effect of feeling unfulfilled. So, when you allow yourself to follow what feels good or fun or exciting, do it. Follow your urges. You never know what happy surprises they might bring!

2) Take action on what excites you as often as you can.

Make a pact with yourself that you will no longer ignore those subtle nudges to act. When you are willing to act on what excites you, it emits a signal to the universe that you want more of it. Taking inspired action will create a tapestry, weaving together more and more opportunities to connect you with what you love.

3) Whatever action you take, make sure you have zero attachment to the outcome.

In other words, stop messing in the middle. Stop trying to control how it comes or when it comes. Cultivate an attitude of trusting that your higher self knows exactly what you want and will guide you to it. Period.

4) Practice non-resistance.

Be filled with child-like wonder. Children don't hold onto their moods. They have a tantrum and move on. But adults tend to fight unwanted circumstances, and this looks like complaining, worrying, fearing, running away, controlling, reacting, and so on. In other words, embrace what is and practice being thankful for what is on the way. This way, you are grateful in advance. You are preparing a place for receiving the manifestation. The infinite intelligent universe only knows abundance. It’s always saying yes by giving us more of what we dominantly focus on. So, be future-focused and act as if it’s already yours. Because it is!

And lastly,

5) Let go of any belief that is in the way of your happiness.

The only thieves and robbers of your joy are doubt and fear. From a higher perspective, doubt and fear are impossible. They are distortions of love. They are using your energy to invite in what you don’t want. So, instead, use those old beliefs as stepping stones, taking you down the path to your new reality. Let the old beliefs die on the vine instead of trying to fix or fight them with your dislike. Love is the only true power in the universe. So, love your future dream until it becomes a fact in your world.

In conclusion, your happiness is an inside job and completely within your control. One of my favorite flowers is the lily of the valley. Its meaning is "a return to happiness." Let yourself bury the old and nurture your happiness by focusing on what's blooming within you. And by practicing these five steps, you will invite in more love and joy, and inevitably the path will unfold to everything that makes you feel fulfilled, alive, and happy.

Amy Valentine is a certified Life Coach passionate about helping people live a more satisfying life filled with abundance, freedom, and fulfillment. View her new web series, Awakening with Amy.


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