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The Seeds We Sow

You know what the solution to any problem is? Gratitude. Thankfulness. Appreciating. Every problem is temporary. Every moment, fleeting. So often we get caught up in our heads and live in the dead past. “Let the dead bury the dead.” That’s what the ancients were telling us. Let the past die from lack of attention. Plant new seeds. Nurture what you want to grow. Let the old worn out stories stay buried and get recycled in the earth. It had it's time, why dig it up now?

We are taught to live in the past or live for the future. It’s so backwards! Everytime we dredge up the past we are doing it now. Everytime we think about what we need to do for the future we are doing that now. Now is the only true moment we ever have. It can be so challenging to think this way, but really let that sink in.

What stories, thoughts, ideas, whatever you are focused on emanates a vibration. It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking of childhood issues, relationship problems, future desires…because whatever we are focused on emanates a signal now and that signal vibrates and picks up like things. Our focus and attention is literally like watering a seed. The seeds we sow only grow if we water them with our attention. So, unless the past story feels good or is enhancing your present moment, let it be and tell a new story…one that feels good when you talk about it!

And this is how we appreciate our lives. Planting seeds of gratitude for everything we do have. Because complaining, worrying, doubting yourself only depreciates your life and blocks your light. So, thank the sun, the moon, the food you eat, the money you have or don’t have, the flowers, the birds soaring and think in a way that makes you sing a happy song instead of those old, worn out sad songs about what he did wrong or what she never does right. No matter what it looks like, it can get better or get worse and that all depends on what seeds you sow in the garden of your mind.


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