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Faith is Your Fortune

Updated: May 9, 2023

I had no clue how important the concept of faith would become until just a few days ago. I woke up at 3 am on April 15 with my dog, Ezzy, having trouble breathing. At first, I just thought maybe it was allergies. But, by the time 6 am rolled around, I was on the phone with vet emergency services. Shortly after, I found myself on the way to the vet hospital with her tongue turning blue. I was a mess. They admitted Ezzy and, thank god, stabilized her pretty quickly. Her lungs were full of fluid, and they detected signs of a heart murmur. The vet told me that it would be touch and go, and she would know more the following day. As I was leaving, the receptionist said they would call if anything got worse. Did I want them to perform CPR if necessary? I was numb. Staring at her speechless, I thought, “How do I possibly answer that question now?”. Through the tears, I managed to say, “no".

Driving home, my mind was spinning. Why would this beautiful creature I adopted six months ago be taken away from me? Why would she come into my life and bring me so much joy, and then, bam? Over? Somehow, I heard a softer voice in my head firmly but lovingly say, what do you want? You get to choose it.

See, I’ve realized that I am the creator of my reality, whether I know it or not. Somehow this showed up, and I have the power to choose how I want to respond. I’m used to feeling in control, and this situation made me feel powerless. I knew if I focused on all the things that could go wrong, I would bring that about. So, I let the tears flow, took a deep breath, surrendered, and asked Infinite Intelligence for help.

I started listening to old Neville Goddard lectures on YouTube. I found so much comfort in his definition of faith. He said, “faith is loyalty to the unseen reality.” Faith doesn’t make anything happen. It's the knowing that what you want is already coming. Ask, and it is given. Faith is asking you to stretch yourself and trust in the unseen possibility. And even though it looked pretty grim at that moment, I kept diving deep into this notion.

Neville Goddard Video

Ultimately, here is what I am learning. Faith in anything gives it life. Faith focuses on the outcome you want and not letting anything to the contrary, be it a condition, a thought, or an idea, get in the way. Faith in love asks you to yield to your desire fully. Or faith in fear gives life to what you don’t want. Either way, it’s the same power used in different ways. So, faith gives life to what you are letting yourself dwell upon. I had to surrender and stay loyal to my desire even though I had zero evidence at the time. I had to put my faith in the unseen reality that Ezzy would be ok and that it was not her time to go yet. I wouldn’t even let myself prepare for anything else.

Ultimately, here is what I am learning. Faith in anything gives it life.

I’m sitting on the sofa now, writing this with my dog by my side. I picked Ezzy up this morning, and I was welling up with tears of joy this time. In these few short days, she taught me that she is pure love, that I had to put my faith in my heart with total abandon. Any moment I lost faith that she would be ok, she made me turn away from fear and toward love. I asked the Divine power to guide me and what it told me was to let go of any baggage that would close off my heart. It told me to stay open to miracles because they aren’t as rare as they seem. Ezzy is teaching me the power of unconditional love, to silence the worry. I mean, she's not worried about anything! She’s just living life without a care in the world. She’s here for me to open my heart and love deeply no matter what.

The tightness in my chest comes and goes. Instead of resisting it, I’m asking it to teach me. I’m asking it to show me what needs to heal within me. I know that she had that episode with her heart to tell me to focus on mine. She’s telling me to yield to my heart’s desire. She’s telling me to relax and play and know that every little thing will be ok. We can’t control what happens in life sometimes, but we can control how we see it. It’s been an enormous lesson these last four days. Stop the doubt in its tracks. Yield to the wish and have faith that what I desire also desires me. Persist and assume my wish has already been granted and the evidence is on its way.

Life Coach Amy Valentine with her pet dog, Ezzy
Amy Valentine with Ezzy

Persistence is the green light to all desires being fulfilled. So, have faith that well-being is the order of the universe and let it show you reality instead of what doubt and worry give birth to. Either way, you will be correct. So, turn away from fear. Have faith in the power of love, and I promise you that it will heal any baggage you’ve taken on in life. Either way, faith is your fortune and will determine every outcome.

Amy Valentine is a certified Life Coach passionate about helping women live a more satisfying life filled with abundance, freedom, and fulfillment. View her new web series, Awakening with Amy.


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