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Life Coach Amy Valentine's Studio

Awaken Your Ideal Life

Unlock your full potential and achieve your dreams.

Life Coach Amy Valentine

You can be, do or have whatever you desire!

I'm Amy, a certified professional life coach. I work with people to discover and align with their true passions and values, then create a collaborative plan to achieve your ideal. 

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As a life coach, I help you see beyond your current perspective to the endless possibilities life has to offer. 

•    Silence the chatter in your mind
•    Make decisions that bring you happiness
•    Open yourself to opportunities for a happier life
•    Guide you in using the Law of Attraction to achieve career goals
•    Teach you how to use your energy to shape your day


Let's work together to develop the habits and skills you need to tackle life's challenges while maintaining forward momentum.

Aren't you ready to awaken your gifts?

Contact me for a 30-minute coaching session. The first call is free, so you've got nothing to lose except the baggage you've been carrying around for far too long! 

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Awakening with Amy:
The Ultimate Weekly Life Coach Video Series

Awakening with Amy on YouTube with Life Coach Amy Valentine

Awakening with Amy is the go-to video channel for guidance, inspiration, and motivation to achieve your life goals. A new short video is released each week discussing personal growth, career development, relationships, and more. 

Life Coach Amy Valentine


Amy Valentine

I'm Amy, a certified life coach passionate about empowering you to uncover your true gifts. Through a collaborative and transformational process, I help my clients break through limiting beliefs, overcome obstacles, and live a more fulfilling and purposeful life!

Free Guide

Free download

A Guided Meditation Video
5 Affirmations to Manifest Desires

5 Affirmations to Manifest Desires Free Guide by Amy Valentine

Our thoughts create our reality. Focusing on the negative invites more negativity, while focusing on the positive invites more positivity. Affirmations shift our focus from what's missing to what we have. Daily affirmations are powerful and can lead to feeling better, finding joy, and getting what we want. Download my free guide for five daily affirmations to manifest your desires. Also, try my guided meditation video for inner exploration, peace, clarity, and growth.

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