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The Lion's Den

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

The fastest way to get anything you desire is to become it. Be like it is. Feel what it feels like and act accordingly. Easier said than done. We are always playing a character in the movie of our life, but we don’t realize that we have the creative power to edit and rewrite it as we go. It can be hard to really look at ourselves deeply and ask questions like, why do I have what I do? Why do I believe in certain things? Are they true? Or did I just make them true by believing them in?


Our life is responding to us. Our dominant beliefs, thoughts and feelings are the cause and what we get out there is the effect. Let that really sink in. It’s all perceptual. Everything is empty and meaningless until we as humans put a value on it. Some people value independence, some value companionship. Some people value good manners, cooking great meals, drinking fine wine, others could care less about formality and shoot whiskey or do not drink or care about food. What we all do share however, is the power to create our lives by directing our thoughts, feelings and actions.

In the current climate I notice so many just fighting to be right. Fighting against each other for what? Most people really believe that evil can assert itself into your life, but the reality is that nothing comes to you unless you invite it with your thoughts and feelings. What you think about you bring about. What we focus on expands. What you resist, will persist. You get what you give. Sound familiar?


But hardly anyone wants to look at themselves on a deeper level. We justify hatred, we compete in favor of winning instead of being kind. We are all too much in our heads. Fighting for what we think is the “way”. Truth is, every thought, every choice we make either comes from fear or love. When we act in fear, we get more fear. Period. Hatred is a lack of love. It is a belief in limitation. That someone out there could take something from you that you do not already possess is faulty wiring. It does not even make sense upon further inspection. We get to define what meaning we give to the events of our lives. We can learn in love or grow in fear.


Nothing out there can hurt you unless you believe it can. Fears dissolve when we take away their only power. Our attention. Protecting ourselves against anything creates the essence of what we are fearing. Let the fear be your teacher. Fear in anything is ultimately a void that only love can fill. Nothing really is what it appears to be. Some people say all the right things to your face but are stabbing you in the back. Some people say the wrong things for the right reasons. Trust your intuition not appearances. Have faith in yourself and your feelings regardless of what the outside world says is true.


There is no circumstance that matters. It only has power over you if you resist it. Any circumstance is only a temporary out-picture of some beliefs you hold inside. Look at your fears. Face them knowing once you become aware you can change them into love. Look straight into the eye of your doubt, worry, hatred and fear. Like Daniel in the lion’s den. He faced the lion and was unafraid because he knew love would prevail. The angels came and shut the mouth of the lion (aka fear) and Daniel stood unharmed. It’s all symbolism. It’s all about having faith in love and in goodness and that sometimes things look dire but if you believe mostly in love, your angels will shine bright and drown out any darkness in your life.


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