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The Story of Your Life

To be or not to be, that is the question. Why Shakespeare? Because who we are, what we are being in any moment is creating our life story, whether we are aware of it or not. The beliefs we buy into stem from our self-concept. It is how we make decisions. What we believe about ourselves is the first cause of what will become the narrative of our lives.

When we look just beneath the surface, we begin to realize that everything outside of us reflects who we think we are inside. I want a better relationship, but… I want a more satisfying career, but... (fill in the blank after any ‘but’ and you will find that it is steeped in doubt). Doubt is your indicator that at this moment, you are in fear mode and arguing for your limitations instead of looking to possibility. At the core of every decision we make is either a choice made in the energy of fear or made in the energy of love.

What is the significance of telling a new story? The world we live in is all perceptual. It is playing out based on what we decide to believe in. And a belief is simply a practiced thought. A thought that we first agreed to then began to see evidence in our outer world, and because we saw evidence, we deepened our faith in it.

The universe is all energy. We all are like magnets getting more of what we predominantly emit. Whatever we focus on expands. Did you ever notice that? It is a curse and a blessing when you first begin to let that sink in. Play the match game. Check-in with what you believe to be true and see how your life matches it.

It is not about knowing the exact path; it is about trusting in our ability to create a beautiful life.

What we allow ourselves to agree with is who we are at any moment. Our desires are showing us our expansion. Our desires are asking us to stretch just beyond what we have known, and when we let our imagination flow into the unknown, who knows what surprises will cameo in our experience.

What if we started to tell ourselves a story that matches up with that expansion? What if we deepen our self-love and practice our innate, knowing that we have the freedom to direct how we respond to life? Because when you think about it, every decision we make comes from our self-concept. Who we believe ourselves to be. What character we have agreed to play out. It is our self-concept that directs our potential outcome in any chapter of the fairytale we call life.

Make a firm decision that you are here to star in your own love story. Choose to direct all your “buts” and turn them into “what if.” Make a firm decision to rewrite whatever is no longer serving you. Make a choice that you deserve to be or do or have any desire. That the desire came to you because it was meant to be produced by you. Let the story of fear be a minor character. See the best in you, see the best in others, and you will be rewriting your history. You will feel better, do better, and have better. It does not matter what went before. It only matters where you are pointing. Forgive the past. Forgive yourself. Forgive them. Anything we condemn will condemn us back. Decide today that who you are is worthy, and your life is about sharing your passion with the world. Decide that you are here to express joy, and I promise you a happy ending to the story of your life.


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