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Be Inspired

I have settled into a nightly ritual during this quarantine and it involves my favorite liquor, vodka. I had a bunch of lemons, so I decided to try to mimic a lemon drop. I looked up a recipe, I made it and it was way too sweet. I grabbed some cranberry juice to cut it and voila! I had this beautiful pink martini that was delicious. It sounds so simple but in times like these, I am finding that creativity and fun go hand in hand. I was not under any pressure to create something; I was guided by a feeling. My intuition. Maybe the guy who invented the Lemon Drop in the 1970s was whispering to me from the great beyond. Who knows? But, ultimately, it got me thinking about inspiration. So often I have had an idea pop into my mind that I don’t run with or investigate because I let my mind chatter talk me out of it. Any creative project starts with one small idea. Whether you let it bloom or die is up to you. I’m sure Stevie Nicks didn’t sit down every time to write a song with it already finished in her mind. She started with an idea, let the words flow and it was polished into the finished product that was record-worthy. That’s what life is about, fine-tuning ideas. If you don’t like something, don’t live with it, fine-tune it. Change it. Think outside the box. Ask yourself how I can revise this to be more in line with what I now want. To me, this is the process of inspired action. And when we are inspired by an idea that interests us, there is no bigger joy. What does it take to live more from inspiration? You must choose it. Choose to make this pause an opportunity to go within. Choose to wake up to a broader perspective. Choose to respond to life versus react like a victim. Choose to get out of the matrix of the habitual mind and feel what is true for you. Decide that you will listen to those soft nudges even if you have no clue where they may take you. It can be scary not knowing. It can feel uncomfortable. But what if needing to know every step is limiting you from some amazing experiences? What would it feel like to trust that there is something bigger guiding you via intuition? Living from inspiration is about paying attention to your heart. It is an invitation to change the relationship we have with ourselves. To slow down and feel. To take charge of your life. To decide that I am here to explore, to be inspired by what moves me so that I can oversee my destiny. To feel that I am an active participant in my life not a servant to the outside world. Inspiration to me is being called by a force that wants me to be happy, to feel joy, to own my worth, and to share it with the world. It does not need to be a big mission. It just may be a series of simple ideas that inspire a cocktail recipe that after some refinement you share with the world to make life a little more fun.

I would love it if you tried my Pink Lemonade Quarantini and let me know how it came out! You can get the recipe here:


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