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I Believe in You

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

There’s a famous quote by Henry Ford that always inspires me…” Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” It reminds me of how important our mindset is to our success. How we think about what is possible for us is shaped by what we allow ourselves to believe. We get what we think about whether we want it or not.

What we believe to be possible so often is shaped by what others tell us is possible. We undervalue ourselves. We are our own worst critics. We doubt our ability because we compare ourselves with the outer world. The worst feeling is realizing a desire but not allowing yourself to think you can have it. It creates discord, anxiety, tension. I want this thing that I don’t think I can have. So, you give up. Stay locked away in limitation. The shield goes up. You unknowingly block your desire because you forget your power.

The secret to success is cultivating a belief that anything is possible. If you cultivate this one belief…I can be, do or have any desire, you are standing in your power. You are beginning to believe in your worth. Your mind chatter will play tricks on you. Tell you that you don’t deserve. But, don’t believe it. Drop the negative self-talk and pick up self-praise. Decide to believe in your innate worth. I want it and I can have it. Decide that my superpower is my mindset. I can cultivate a new habit. Just believe in the possibility that your desires are valid because they came to you. Listen to the whispers in your heart, the mind closes the door to possibility and the heart opens it.

It's a process. The mind will fight you and tell you you’re not enough. Take its only power away, your attention. The only thing keeping you away from what you want is a belief in unworthiness. Be your own best friend. Practice waking up every day and say thank you. My life is mine to create. I get to choose what I want to invite into my experience. Forget the how and when and trust in the what and the why. What I want can come to me because I am worth it. I am enough! I am learning to think in a way that any possible conclusion is mine. I am choosing a new door. I am walking away from what I have known and opening to a new path of what I now may become.

The secret to success is cultivating a belief that anything is possible. If you cultivate this one belief…I can be, do or have any desire, you are standing in your power.

Decide to recreate yourself. To use the past unwanted things as mere indicators of what no longer works and open to the possibility that anything I want is now unfolding. Let go of doubt. Let go of the struggle. Embrace your super-power of self-worth. Take that imaginary wand and point towards all the things that will make you feel good. Decide it’s my right to feel good and have my desires fulfilled. Drop the fear. Its false evidence appearing real. Start now. Cultivate a belief that everything responds to me and I get to create my life in any way I choose. When we begin to practice self-worth all the debris from the past will get kicked to the surface. Don’t panic. It’s the natural process of recalibrating. All the limitations will rise to be faced. Embrace them. They show you patterns that no longer serve you. Break the cycle little by little. And soon, you will have a flash of insight like a bolt of lightning that purges the sickness and ignites the love that’s always been there. You will see that everything you thought you couldn’t be, do or have was just a story based on undervaluing yourself.

Now you know better. So, do better. I believe in you.


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