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Some years ago, I had a trip to Florida planned with some friends. A few days before the trip, I had this overwhelming feeling of dread well up inside of me. I was confused about what those feelings were about. I asked myself where it could be coming from but didn’t hear a clear answer. I wanted to get away, the plans were arranged, and the flight was in two days. I just ignored the feeling and went about my day.

The night before the flight, still with this “off” feeling I packed my suitcase and just kept talking myself to soothe the discomfort I was feeling. I went to sleep early since we were meeting at the airport at 6:30 AM for our early flight.

The last thing before I shut my eyes, I said to myself, “tell me what this feeling of dread is about?”. I wasn’t sure who I was speaking to, I just said it. I turned the light out and fell asleep. About 3 AM I woke up and that feeling of doom was intensified. Now I was getting freaked out. My brain was searching for clues and couldn’t find one good reason why I’d have these intense feelings of dread. So, I did what any sane person would do...I asked my grandmother ,who had passed away, for help. During my talk, I drifted off to sleep and when my eyes opened back up moments later, I heard a voice as if it were in the room with me. “Don’t go.” said the voice calmly but with intense confidence. It was so real; the voice was so real I just couldn’t deny it. I said right out loud, “Am I going crazy? I heard what you said. But I’m going.”

So, I got up and got ready. Walked outside my apartment and saw a light dusting of snow on the ground. I still had that feeling of doom whirling inside me, but I got in my car to drive to the airport. The whole time I was talking to my grandmother and laughing at myself because it seemed so ridiculous to have a conversation with a dead person.

But I finally just said, “Fine. If I’m not supposed to get on that plane give me a sign and make it big!” Less than a minute later I heard this huge bang. Like there was a helicopter directly above my little Jetta. I immediately pulled over onto the shoulder and instantly that feeling of doom left me. Gone. Poof. Relief. I got out of my car still a little dazed and my rear driver's side tire was shredded. Hence the bang. I get back into my car and I see headlights approach. It was a police car. The officer was female, and she told me to call my roadside assistance and that she would wait with me for a few minutes while I made the call. Of course, I then had to call my friend and tell her I wasn’t coming to the airport.

I made it home about an hour later and just laid on the couch and fell asleep. What my brain couldn’t tell me my intuition did. It’s such a subtle thing. Listening to your gut feelings. We are not trained to listen to our intuition, our gut. We are taught to reason and weigh the pros and cons but there is a deeper knowing inside all of us that may not make sense in the moment but that’s only because we can’t always see the bigger picture. For whatever reason, I wasn’t supposed to be on that trip. I had signs days before that I didn’t understand. But my intuition didn’t fail me. I listened just enough to ask for more guidance even while my rational brain was still planning on going to Florida.

So, listen to your feelings even when they may not make sense. Hone your inner knowledge. Acknowledge that your intuition knows things and shows you via your gut feelings. Listen. Trust. Believe you have a power that isn’t always explainable with your mind. And believe in moment-to-moment guidance.


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