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Messages from the Dragonfly

Sitting on my patio the other night, I saw this beautiful dragonfly flutter around the garden and rest on the ground. I was texting with a friend, and I was overcome with the elegance, grace, and poise of this tiny creature. My friend asked, “Is it some kind of sign?” and I couldn’t help but wonder if the dragonfly was sending me a message.

Sometimes I get this feeling, a fleeting sense that I should stop and pay attention. It is something bigger than me speaking, and I have learned to trust it. There are so many clues in life when we stop and pay attention to nature. That night, the dragonfly made me stop and yield to the present moment, and what rose was a sense of calm appreciation for who I am and who I want to become.

There is a deeper calling in life, and many of us don’t take a moment to ask ourselves what that might be. I am finding more and more that it is much simpler than I have made it in the past. I had to learn that life is not a destination, that the juice of life is really in embracing the journey. When I decided to take control of my life, a magical thing began to happen. My awareness expanded. The richness in life became more visible, and I began to break free of old paradigms of lack and limitation and opened my eyes to the deeper implications of life.

I have found that when I am confronted with my own limitations, it is because there is an underlying belief that who I am is fixed. The who we are from the Ego is permanent, but from the Soul perspective, we are infinite. We get so used to labeling ourselves from the limited constructs of the mind we forget that in our heart, we hold the deeper truths of our Soul. The heart connects, the mind divides. The heart says anything is possible for you when you yield to your desires. The mind says you are limited by your past.

I am learning our “who” is what we are conscious of being and is malleable; it is not a fixed state. Our perspective of what we can create for our lives is rooted in who we define ourselves to be and what we believe we are capable of. The discovery of one’s true abilities rests in unmasking the veil of doubt and embracing the core truth that we are one with a greater force in nature. That greater force rests in our awareness. Your awareness is calling to you everything you believe yourself to be. Broaden that awareness, and you unlock the door to greater potential.

The message from this beautiful dragonfly was, keep embracing the journey. You are breaking free from old versions of yourself and opening your eyes to the unlimited nature of your Soul’s calling.

A dragonfly can easily change direction mid-flight, and this reminds me that as creators, we can access this ability too. I’ve been reconnecting to a deeper understanding that I can revise any aspect of my life by changing who I define myself to be and what I believe to be possible. I am learning that when I am in the present moment, I get to decide to bypass the limitations of my mind and allow my heart to lead the way. The story of your life is yours to create. The dragonfly showed me that I am here to express my freedom to choose. And now more than ever, I am choosing to follow my bliss. I am choosing to expand my consciousness. I am choosing to look beyond the surface of what I see and change direction if need be. I am feeling the presence of something greater than me that wants to flow through me. And it feels amazing.

Who do you define yourself to be? Who do you want to be? You get to choose. I promise.


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