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What I Want, Wants Me

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

If you realize that you have a new desire…guess what? The mechanics, the path of the how, the when, the where are already in place. It’s already DONE. Wait, what?

Yes. It’s so hard to contemplate! Because we are so trained to believe that what we want is nebulous, that we must work hard to reach the goal. But, nope. That’s not the way the Universe works. The Universe is always NOW. It doesn’t respond to your current reality; it responds to what you are thinking and feeling NOW.

Just contemplate for a minute…what I want, wants me. What does this mean? It means, that if we conceive of something that we can have it. Period. The pathway, the roadmap is already in place. It’s already DONE. But I can’t see it or touch it. It’s already done. But my reality doesn’t reflect my desire. It’s still done. Just because you can’t translate it with your five senses yet, doesn’t mean it’s not a current reality. Think about your dog. Just like you can’t smell what his nose can smell doesn’t mean it’s not a reality. Your dog’s smells things and hears things that our human senses cannot translate. But, it’s real to that dog.

It’s already done. Relax into that knowing. Let go of HOW. It’s not your job. Your only job is to tend to your desire like it’s a newborn baby. Care for it. Love it. Feed it. Know that eventually it will take on a life of its own. Inherent in that baby (or your desire) is the child unfolding into an adult. It’s done. Relax. Feel it. Stop trying to control it. You can’t. Stop doubting. That slows the desire down. Way down. Embrace your desire with the confidence of your dog. Your dog doesn’t question what it’s smelling or hearing. It just uses all feedback as information, then acts accordingly.

Embrace ALL your desires as valid as doable as real. Embrace the unfolding. Sometimes what we think we want isn’t it at all…it’s just an aspect of a bigger desire that is still being revealed to us. Don’t confuse your desire with your self-worth. Just understand that you are worthy of all desires even when the path is unclear. Chill out. Relax. It’s unfolding. Sometimes you may need more information. Sometimes you need to love yourself more. Sometimes you need to allow the anger and impatience to rise. Why? Because it’s all part of being human. Of understanding our power. Of deciding day by day that today, more than any day before, I want to know myself as someone that can hear a new desire and know without external evidence that the mechanics of making it happen are already done. And, all I must do is relax and allow all the components to come together. Then, embrace the desire as one more expanding version of myself. Because, after all, what I want wants me.


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